Excellent led neon rope lights from Optim-tec

发布日期:2023-06-15 15:06
Name: Tom Olmos
Country: The United States

Our community are prepare for a decoration project, to lighting up a 400 meters around square and garden for the upcoming small show to be held on Christmas festival, so we bought the lengthy led rope lights from optim-tec company.
Surprisingly, they do their jobs very well!
We have purchased 2 kinds of rope lights, dc220v and dc12v. DC220v is used to wind around and through the parterres,paths and terraces,colors varies, mainly are yellow warm white and cold white. Each color looks beautiful of itself.
What we purchased is diffuse light that didn't feel like a bunch of lasers pointing at and these ropes are ultra bright and waterproof, we thought downpour raining several days before may decrease lighting effect of led rope, but no sign of light failure showing, we are happy about that.
Dc12v is used to twine around trees and some signage of characters and images making. There is one thing to be noticed, is that we purchased the so called silicone led neon ropes, superior flexible and bendable! Can be twisted and twined at a very difficult point because of silicone materials maybe, anyway we highly recommend it and with 2.5cm to be cut, several small images can be do too.
Its really a good shopping experience as we bought such glorious products, helped us a lot!
Many thanks for optim-tec, they are professional and helpful guys, communication went through smoothly, as they know exactly what we want.
Reliable and we are glad to work with optim-tec. We will order more in the future if needed.