They are really amazing and marvelous.

发布日期:2023-06-15 15:34
Name: Erika Garza from one Decoration Co. , Ltd(company name hidden )
Country: The United States

Purchased Items:
AC110V Red Neon LED Rope Light SMD2835 120 LEDS Neon Flex
AC110V Cool White Neon LED Rope Light SMD2835 120 LEDS Neon Flex

The giant Paradise shopping mall needs a lot of lighting decorations on its advertising boards and our company took this project in, winning the final bid. It is a big project, we must be very committed to it. And as a famous company specialize in all kinds of decoration and ornament, we pursue high quality and professional products to make things look beautiful, then google helps us. We found optim-tec, who recommends led neon rope highly and we follow their suggestions. It turns out that It is definitely the right decision to use neon rope, flexible,heavy duty,luminous even and beautiful,satisfying our needs perfectly. We took several photos below,you can see them clearly,25 rolls 330ft neon flex in total have been used out on 6 colors.
Most importantly, neon rope is super flexible, can be bent to any angle you want. There are so many twists and turns to shape different models and images, neon rope did this jod really well and you could see them from even far away. Staff and customers here praise them a lot, this is a great project.
Hoping next cooperation with optim-tec for our next project!
Thank you,optim-tec,trusted and professional.