High quality large laminator machine, reliable company

发布日期:2023-06-15 15:50
Name: Nelson Rockwood
Country: The United States

Purchased Items: US STOCK 60 Inch Full -Auto Take Up Low Temp Wide Format Cold

Our company purchased this cold laminator machine several months ago and so far it did a great job,no issues.
We had some concerns before purchasing actually, but it all solved after communicating with their customer service agent named Jason, he is very professional, an expertise at this aspect we think,this large laminator is perfect for our needs and with a good price comparing to other machines on the market.
Its multi-functional, both cold and hot laminating is ok,other machines,single function otherwise. Moreover, it can laminate 400 square one hour one person high efficiently,saving labour,very nice.
And Jaosn took us for a tour over their factory, really big size, with multi-model machines laying there neatly, making us to believe that optimtec is a very trustworthy and powerful company unquestionably.
Also we intend to introduce them to our other customers, and let them come to have a visit because that it is not really easy to find such a good company selling machines with good prices.
We are obliged to let others know about this promising optimtec.