10Pcs 1M/3.3FT LED Strip Aluminum Channel Holder Each for LED Strip Light

$ 54.00-$ 412.00


10Pcs 1M/3.3FT LED Strip Aluminum Channel Holder Each for LED Strip Light

7.8mm x 9mm (No Edge)
10mm x 10mm (No Edge)
10mm x 13mm (No Edge)
13.2mm x 7mm (No Edge)
14.4mm x 8.7mm (No Edge)
14.5mm x 14.5mm (No Edge)
15.8mm x 15.8mm (V Style)
17.5mm x 7mm (No Edge)
20mm x 10mm (No Edge)
20mm x 15mm (No Edge)
20mm x 20mm (No Edge)
23.5mm x 20.5mm (No Edge)
30mm x 10mm (No Edge)
30mm x 20mm (No Edge)
30mm x 30mm (No Edge)
50mm x 20mm (No Edge)
50mm x 32mm (No Edge)
50mm x 35mm (No Edge)
75mm x 35mm (No Edge)
80mm x 35mm (No Edge)
100mm x 35mm (No Edge)
120mm x 35mm (No Edge)
150mm x 35mm (No Edge)
200mm x 40mm (No Edge)
13mm x 9mm (With Edge))
18mm x 8.7mm (With Edge)
23mm x 14.5mm (With Edge)
27mm x 10mm (With Edge)
28mm x 20mm (With Edge)
29mm x 20.5mm (With Edge)
40mm x 20mm (With Edge)
65mm x 35mmmm (With Edge)
135mm x 35mm (With Edge)
Length: 1m/3.3ft each channel
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Cover Color: White
Package: 10Pcs led strip mount holder (NO LED STRIP)

1. U/V/W style Aluminum alloy extrusion profile

2. Provides a well diffused light that is comparable to neon effect. Perfect for decorative and accent lighting. Installation is simple,

3. Perfect for Balcony, Living Room, Bedroom, Closet, Kitchen, Basement, Garage and any other location you want.

4. Rigidly build anodized aluminum material, better heat dissipation, providing great protection for delicate LED strip lights.

5. Fits many popular soft and hard LED strip types.

6. The channel cover, end caps and mounting clips included. The LED Strips Not Included.

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