16" x 20" Swing Away Manual T-shirt Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Machine USA Stock

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• Swing away style-enough space for preparing work.

• Double machine covers-avoid scald and protect the heating panel.

• Pull out style-it's easy and convenient to operate.

• Timer and temperature cotroller-Preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete. 

• Stream line structure-No weld joint on the whole machine.

• Teflon coated panel-The surface is non-stick, preventing scorching of transfers, and does not require a separate teflon sheet.

• Strong metal structure-Machine is heavy-duty, commercial-grade.

• High quality silicone mat-It'll not become deformed even though the temperature is up to 400℃.

• CE approved-Quality guarantty.


Voltage: 110V

Transfer Size: 40 x 50cm

Power: 1600W

Time Range: 0-999S

Temperature Range: 0-250℃

Working Mode: Manual

Control Mode: Touch Screen

Packing Details:

Wooden Case Package

Packing Size: 79 x 52 x 58cm

Gross Weight: 70kg

Note: This machine is not suitable for minors to use or food processing.

• General:

A heat press machine is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and

pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded into the product.

Heat presses are recommended for professional and satisfying results simply because standard laminating devices and home

hand irons can not get even near the temperatures required for a reliable transfer.

•Components and functions:

1 Place the material on working table,adjust the pressure knob get right pressure required

2 Connect power plug and turn on power button

3 Set time & temp you want with temp/time gauge get required numbers.

4 The temp for heating plate will start to rise up,when it reaching temp you set,place the material on the working table

and close the handle

5 The buzzer will sound when reaching time you set,release the handle and take out the material

Touch Screen:


This  swing away manual T-shirt heat press machine is widely used for transfer image for T shirts, cloth, mouse pads, rock photos, tiles, backpack school bag, wallet bag, etc.


1.Because the materials and thickness of these materials are different,so the temp and time also required different.

2. Pls try a small sample to get the right temp and time needed before large quantities printing.

3.Clothing require temp about 180℃,Fabric clothing use with sublimation paper:30-50 sec,100% cotton clothing

use with transfer paper:15-20sec.
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