30W-350W Adapter AC to DC Power Supply for LED Strip Switch Transformer

$ 19.00-$ 110.00


30W-350W Adapter AC to DC Power Supply for LED Strip Switch Transformer

30W(12V 2.5A)
36W(12V 3A)
60W(12V 5A)
80W(12V 6.6A)
100W(12V 8.5A)
120W(12V 10A)
150W(12V 12.5A)
200W(12V 16.6A)
250W(12V 20.8A)
300W(12V 25A)
350W(12V 29.2A)
100% full load burn-in test
Universal AC input / full range
It's good quality & high performance
Input: AC110-220V 50/60Hz
Out put: DC 12V 
Protections: overload/ over voltage/ short circuit
Cooling by free air convection

L, N: AC power input
GND: DC power output "-"
V: DC power output "+"
Safety Compliance: CCC/ FCC / CE
Working Temperature: 0~40℃
Storage Temperature: -20~60℃
Ambient Humidity: 0~95% Non-Condensation

Package content:
1x IP67 waterproof power supply.
1.This is a DC12V Power Supply Unit for professional use on LED lightning, Security Surveillance System, CCTV Security Camera, IP Camera, and etc.
2.Safety design with shortage protection, overload protection and auto voltage switching.
3.Regulated voltage & current output. This is a perfect choice to use as a LED Driver for all type of LED lighting 3.without flickering light & ensue the life span of your LED.
4.Full range of current output is possible for LED lighting with dimmable function.
About Calculate Method:
If Your LED Strip 60LEDs/m, and each LED 0.2W, then calculate max led Strip Length: 0.2W/LED × 60LEDs/m=12W/m, 24W(this listing)÷12W/m=2m,
So, Support the LED Strip(60LEDs/m, 0.2W/LED) Length (Max)=2m
Special Note:
This Power Supply Unit "DOES NOT" come with installation instruction, on/off switch, or screws.
Professional Installation of qualified electrician is highly recommended.
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