50W Waterproof LED IP65 Outdoor Flood Light Square Lawn Path Boat Light Lamp USA

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50W Waterproof LED IP65 Outdoor Flood Light Square Lawn Path Boat Light Lamp USA

DC12-24V ,for Garden Path Parking Lot Court Playground Factory, Gym, Wharf, Billboards, Buildings, Security Spotlight Commercial Lamp

50W LED Flood Light Outdoor Landscape Waterproof Lamp

Voltage: DC12-24V

50W full power super bright !

2 years warranty !


Modellow voltage flood light
Input voltageDC12-24V
Frequency range50HZ-60HZ
Tatal harmonic distortion≤9%
Power factor>0.98
Working voltageDC30-36V
LED quantity1PC
LED consumption50W
System consumption54W
LED luminous efficiency90-100LM/W
Lamp's efficiency>90%
Illuminance uniformity>0.6
Junction temperature≤60°C
Working temperature-30°C-+55°C
Storage temperature-25°C-+65°C
IP gradeIP65
Working life-span>50,000H
Color of lamp shellSilver or Black
CertificateCE, RoHS
Beam angle120
LED luminous
Warm white
Natural white
Color temperature
Warm white
Natural white
Color rendering index
Warm white
Natural white

Made of superior armored glass.
High strength and unbreakable.
Transparency more than 98%.
More uniform light and excellent quality.
Using the LED chip made by famous Chinese manufacture.
Low decay, beam angle up to 120°.
Stable light, high efficient energy saving and longer lifespan. 
Made of fine workmanship, aerospace aluminum.
Anticorrosion, anticracking and durable.
Color stay permanently with anodization process.
Integrated fine workmanship die cast aluminum radiator.
Strong covection design.
Perfect solution of heat emission.
Light source's lifespan ensured.
Made of stainless steel screw material.
High strength stand, anticorrosion, solid and damage prevented.
Using industrial high quality driver power source with intelligent control(IC) which ensures its current stabilization from open circuit, short circuit overload automatic protection, and realizes constant current and super stability.A. Die-casting Aluminium RaditorB. With Water-proof Glue on the surface
C. High Power & Quality Chips
D. Stainless Steel Screw
Lamp Body
Aviation aluminum lamp has been made anode oxidation, polishi, which can prevent rust perpetually.Tempered Glass Cover
Using high-quality glass, ensure lighting softly and low optical lossing.
Water-proof Slicon Ring


• Safe with ROHS and CE certified.
 2 year warranty under normal usage, 100% brand new, high quality.
• Easy installation can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
• Well Waterproof and dust proof.

• Optical distribution without dazzle and light pollution, but stronger directivity and higher uniformity.
• Large power LED chip integration packaged.
• A drive with constant pressure and current, stable commutation, power supply of constant pressure and current for the drive, instantaneous start, power factor more than 0.95, higher power supply efficiency as well as safe and reliable.
• The heat dissipation function of the lamp shell best integration design of appearance, novel.

• The LED is well integrated with its shell in heat dissipation and its appearance is designed beautiful and novel.
• The surface of light silver reflector is anodized and well cooperates with light source which gives higher light ratio.
• Surface Treatment: electrostatic sprayer, good resistance in high temperature and weather, with beautiful colors.
• The LED light is made of high pressure die casting aluminum which is compact in structure and solid for corrosion resistance.

Material required:

LED fence clip, with waterproof function of the 12VDC driver, the following steps are as follows:

1. The low voltage lamp must be transformed from 110-240V AC(alternating current) to 12V DC (direct-current);

2. The installation of the fence, holes in the wall, spacing according to the actual requirements, generally within 3 cm;

3. Good anti-static measures, such as working table to ground, the workers wear the corresponding electrostatic clothing, anti-static measures, because different grades of LED pan light quality is different, the ability to resist static power is different;

4. The installation of attention to the sealing, sealing is poor, the diameter of the LED pan light lamp life;

5. LED pan light lamp wiring is preferably not more than 25 cm, transformer power can be a long, otherwise affect the brightness.

Warm White LED flood light likes sun light in the morning, which creates a warm atmosphere and is mainly used to home decoration. 
Natural white led flood light like sun light in the noon, which has features of high brightness and colors rendering index and be widely used.

This 50W LED Flood Light Outdoor Landscape Waterproof Lamp is applied to factory, gym, wharf, billboards, buildings, lawn, garden design lighting engineering cast light and decorative lighting needed places.
10W LED Flood Light Outdoor Landscape Lamp application 1
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