LED Neon 2 Wires Rope Light Splice Connectors for Making Sign Letters Rope Light

$ 12.90


2 Wire Splice Connector for Neon Rope Lights, Easy Operation, Durability and Flexibility, The Necessary Connection to Attach Power Cords to Splice Different Neon Rope Light Colors Together, Or Other Extensions to 2-Wire Neon Lights, The Pins, End cap, heat Shrinkable tube included.

Two wires with pins for connecting LED Neon Rope Light, Copper Wires, Transparent Cable, To Splice Different Neon Rope Light Colors Together

Full kits, Including end cap, heat shrinkable tube, Wonderful Application on Logo ,sign letters making !

This wire only work for DC12V Silicone Rope Light(6mm x 12mm)


10 x Connector Lines

10 x End Cap with Holes (6mm x 12mm)

10 x End Cap without Holes (6mm x 12mm)

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