Vibrating Knife Cutting Motion Controller TC-6832 for CNC Vibrating Knife

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TC6832 is a high-end motion controller developed for the blade cutting industry. It integrates spindle cutting vibrating knife cutting, V-groove cutting, round knife cutting, red light origin, brushes, punching, cutting and other functions.


·7-inch TFT touch screen, intuitive and simple operation interface(TC6832)

·New 32-bit high-speed DSP to make the system run faster and more stable; 

·Easy to operate, saving time after training

·Support U disk offline file preview function, real-time display of cutter head movement track

·Device parameters can be set completely away from the PC:

·All optocouplers completely isolate external electromagnetic interference, and the shaft signal is a differential signal input, with strong anti-static performance, making the system work more stable and reliable;

·Support USB2.0 high-speed interface, U disk read and write files are more stable, can identify various brands of U disk;

·Support network communication and USB communication, the transmission speed is faster and more stable; 

·All function debugging is simple, convenient and easy to operate;

·From power-on reset manual axis speed, lock screen, emergency stop processing, three color status indication and other systems to strengthen the safety protection of people(TC6832);

·One key continuous cutting. convenient to continue cutting after the processing file is interrupted in any way 

·When adjusting the cutting effect, there are few setting parameters, and the user is easy to hold

·Complete functions, V groove cutting, layered cutting, automatic identification and punching, intelligent partition adsorption and detection platform 

·Support dispensing function;

·Support the installation of multiple different knives at the same time(TC6832); 

·Support over size cutting compatible with file formats generated by various popular typesetting software(TC6832);

·Intelligent diagnosis system self-fault(TC6832);

Product parameter:

Replace Model:TC6828PRO, and other brands of vibration knife system

Power:DC24V 3A

Input:8 Roads

Output:32 Roads

Control axis:10 axis

Control head:3 heads


Support software:TroCut CAD

Support graphics format:G-code,AI,SVG,PDF,DXF,PLT,DST,DSB,UD6,etc

Support system:Windows (Window XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10) operating system

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