US STOCK 60 inch Full -auto Take Up Low Temp Wide Format Cold Laminator Machine Heat Assisted

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110V 60" Full-auto Take Up Large Format Hot & Cold Laminator Laminating Machine

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This is the enhanced and upgraded version compared our last laminator which can be used hot and cold laminating. 
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This 60" high quality Full - auto Low Temp Wide Format cold laminator with Stand can be widely used for pre - masking vinyl graphic, mount prints on substrate, over laminating inkjet prints and so on. 

The cold laminator is used to after printing. Available for photographic, Ad. Shop and copy shop to do lamination work, adding a protective layer on books cover, photographic, color pages, documents, charts, drawings, indoor advertising products, etc.

This laminator 1600C6+ is low heated cold laminator with liner and without
liner, a wide range of application. 

It can be used both cold laminating and hot laminating with low temperature, to strip coil backing paper,to roll picture automatically.

Especially when work in hot laminating conditions,it will improve the 
coating effect by heating the roller,. 
It’s multiple-function,easy operation and high efficiency.

Maximum Laminator Width
1520mm (60")
Roller’s Diameter
130mm (5")
Maximum Laminating Thickness
25mm (0.99")
Maximum Heating Temperature
when hot laminating, the temperature is 50~60 degree, the highest
temperature is 60 degree.
Laminating Speed
From 0 to 10m (393") per minute
Preheating Time
5 - 10mins
Power Consumption
0.3 - 0.5KW / h
Power Input
Height Adjust
Single side lifting link
Motor Forward / Reverse
Floor Stand
Auto Rewind Liner Pickup
After Laminating Pickup
Emergency Stops
Safety Photocell
Power Supply
AC110V, 50 / 60Hz

This laminator comes with 2 pcs heating glass tube.


Adopts low temperature cold laminating, mainly used to solve the issue that cold laminated images are hazy. 
Stainless steel feeding table
130mm (5") upper rubber roller
Auto – take – up system
Anti – tilt and anti – fold device (Origin)
Pressure and height adjust hand wheel
Infrared temperature control device


1. The emergency “stop”button
2. Machine leg
3. Cross brace 01
4. 40*60 Cross brace

Control Panel

using Instruction:
Preset temperature: Find out hot/cold framed switch, choose the "hot ", temperature display screen will light up, the left number is preset temperature, the right number is roller temperature, press “■ SET”key and then through “▲ UP” and“▼
DOWN” adjust preset temperature, after adjust it and press“■ SET”key confirm it. when cold film, the preset temperature is 50 ℃ .,the max temperature is 50 ℃.According to the viscosity of the glue, and adjust preset temperature.
Turn: This machine don’t have continuous reverse function;
In the "continuous" state it only can " turning";
In the "point move" state, through the pedal switch can "turning" or "reverse".
Governor knob: clockwise to grow speed, counter-clockwise to slow down; Please select the appropriate speed to ensure the laminating effect, when stop coated please select "point move".

General Using and installation method

Note:The hex nuts must be tighten! If loose will appear heating power electric spark change,and broken wire and other components.
Air Pressure Adjustment:

There is a Filter Voltage Stabilizer at the right back of the machine, as the picture;Pull the knob of the filter voltage stabilizer up softly, air pressure increases when rotating at clockwise direction. Air pressure decreases when rotating at the counterclockwise direction. Normal air pressure is 0.2Mpa.

3.The adjust of rubber covered roller ’s parallelism
Whether the parallelism adjusts well or badly,also can in fluent
effect quality and off tracking, the parallelism has been adjusted well when leaving the factory, but it still needs adjusting after using a long time.

A-Pressure adjusting valve B-Pressure adjusting valve C-locking screw nut

1. When the parallelism gap of the rollers is slight, it can be adjusted by the following method:

a. Moving screw A to adjust the balance of the roller while it ’ s rising. Find out which side of the roller rises slower, then move the screw outward ( Or find out which side rises faster, then move the screw inward). Then raise and lower the roller until the roller is balanced.

b. Move screw B to adjust the balance of roller while it’ s falling. Find out which side of the roller falls slower, then move the screw outward ( Or find out which side falls faster, then move the screw inward). Then raise and lower the roller until the roller is balanced.

(Adjust the air pressure to 0.1MPa, the movement of the roller is slower than normal. It’s convenient to observe. )

Film laminating

Laminating work is an extremely fine, technical stronger work, for beginners should have experience in the technicians under guidance of Membranae tectoria work, the below only show the general operation.

Preheating ready to work:

1. Fall down tne upper nip roller;

2. Press the "continuous" and "turning" switch, governor rotate to the "1";

3. Open the main switch;

4. Open the "hot" switch and et the heat temperature which we required, then nip roller began to heating. Hot laminating, the preset temperature is 90 ℃ , when low temperature/cold laminating, the preset temperature set to 45 ℃ (to working temperature need about 10-20 minutes)

5. Take out a roll of film and install into material roller, then let roll into material feeding roller scaffold and pulling the film with the hand, shall ensure the appropriate resistance,through the next to the damping handwheel adjust it.

6. Let framed chart scroll in carton, then packed in rewinding stent and fixed them. 

The general questions and methods


Control panel have no electricity

Check the power and emergency button

Problem Don’t turn


Lift a little the upper roller

Adjust friction
Tighten sprocket key

Contact with motor or governor


Laminated paper isn't clear and have white point


Increase roller temperature

Clean the dust

Contact suppliers to replace film


laminated paper have pleated bubbles


Adjust roller force

Put paper in 90 angle into rubber roller

Increase speed and reduce temperature


Film fold


Adjust material-roller’s resistance

Adjust to the required temperature


Machine Dimension
74" x 27" x 45" (1880mm x 680mm x 1140mm)
Machine Weight
280lb (140kg)
Fumigation free package
Packing Size
81" x 28" x 28" (2060mm x 710mm x 720mm)
Gross Weight
441lb (200kg)

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Neon Rope Length No
Power Supply Voltage No
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