US STOCK 67 inches Full Automatic Take Up Cold/Hot Laminator Wide Format Laminating Machine

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It is a 1.72m/67 wide format full-auto hot and cold laminator designed as an inexpensive option for a wide range application.
An ideal laminating solution for Use matte or gloss thermal films can save your cost during hot lamination. 
The numerous features included with the 65in wide format hot and cold laminator make it so easy to use finishing becomes one person.
It can realize both cold and hot laminating,to strip coil backing paper,to roll picture automatically.
Especially when work in cold laminating conditions,it will improve the coating effect.
The main features of this machine is that the operation is easy,loading and unloading fast,multifunction .


Max laminating width 1650mm/65"
The heating temperature of roller

when cold laminating,the temperature

of up roller can set as 40-50 ℃ ;

when hot laminating,the working temperature

usually set as 95℃ 

Set the highest temperature no more than 120℃.

Type Hot and Cold
Speed 0—6 m/min
The upraise height of main roller 25mm
Pressure/Height adjust Lifting link
Heated method Infrared
Roller Silicon
Roller diameter 130mm
Rated current 12A/single roller heating
Power input 2200W
KW/H 0.8-1
Volt 110V
Rated power 2200W,single roller heating
Rated current 12A,single roller heating
Laser eye Yes

Overall size:680×2080×1180mm

Motor power: 90W

Optimum performance:

• High quality silicon rubber roller for better applications.
• Adjustable settings for increased capacity and versatility.
• Fast processing with a speed up to 6m/min.
• Unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system ensures clear output.
• Hot & cold lamination

Ease of use: 

• High release silicon rollers for easy cleaning.
• Simple film tension adjustment.
• Light weight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading.
• Roll-to-roll operation capacity.

Detail parts in photos:

1.The emergency“stop”button 

2.Control panel

3.The front working table

4.Foot switch interface

5.Foot switch

6.The rewinding support

7.The emergency “stop”button 

8.Film roller


Insurance tube: this machine is equipped with two insurance tube 2A and 15A, 2A tube

When film laminating should pay the below five attention:

1. The film should be wrapped around the picture roll.

2. Scroll to framed chart in carton, after stalled in rewinding stent around the

film and alignment and then fixed.

3. The pictures inserted between rubber roller, pictures must tighten, tile in

front of countertop, pictures with table on both sides of the length direction must be

show 90°angle state and guarantee membranae tectoria didn't skewed coated.

4. When membranae tectoria if done correctly and the picture is still running

deviation, with the hand press run folk prescription pictures,artificially increase

pressure and adjust it slowly.

5. When membranae tectoria should pay attention to adjust roller coated

materials,rewinding bracket, the paper roll back, and get the picture roll damping and in order to keep the reasonable friction, which relate to plastic roller effect.

Working  Diagram




Machine Dimension 85.6" x 29.2" x 23" (2140 x 730 x 575mm)
Machine Weight 440lb (220kg)
Package Fumigation free package
Packing Size 88" x 31.6" x 28.8" (2200 x 790 x 720mm)
Gross Weight 530lb (265kg)


Applying to indoor and outdoor car sticker,photo and video,rimless no painting mounting and so on.

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