Awesome Performance of LED Neon Rope Lighting!
POSTED:2022-08-17 09:50
Categories:LED Lighting LED Neon Rope Light LED Power supply
Name: Alejandro Salazar

Country: The United States

Purchased items:

 I m a client purchased many rolls neon tubes from optim-tec by different colors and different length. They are much cheaper than local market here, I have got a quite good price in total when checking out due to the brilliant registered member price and encountering their summer deals, saving me almost $2000! Really good!
LED neon tubes, are perfect for indoor and outdoor environment. Flexible,waterproof and sturdy charactristics, make them a hot welcoming in the market,everywhere and anywhere, they are there,such as lighting up on building or bridges, logo making on stores or festivals and shaped beautiful images on the sky wall.
 And so far, a lot of compliments and positive feedbacks have gained from my customers. They are saying like this:
“They look beautiful””Super flexible it is,we can diy our logo signs perfectly”
“Awesome effect of led/light””Work great for me””Excellent neon/fluorescent replacement”etc.. Earned me a lot of money and some repeat customers. I m really satisfied.
 Which,here,I have summed up some advantages of led neon tubes;
First, they are flexible,not like the traditional glass lighting,can be bent to any angles or shapes you wanna do, perfect for logo making or customized led signs.
Secondly, High efficiency and energy saving,they are using little kWhs because of low power,saving much cost on your money.

Thirdly, continuous glow effect,it can be spotted far away,not like other led ropes ,only some led bulbs glaring, but neon flex is lighting the whole body.

This light isn't strong enough to replace a large work light, but it has enough glow to light up a wall easily.

I have been cooperated with optim-tec for a long time and I have enjoyed much more

favourable prices every time. They are professional and honest, sharing me with plentiful useful information on products and recommending many other uprising products,all of these,makes my business better and better. Really thank you to them. Here I suggest to you,guys,if you are plan to start to do business about led industry,then you come to optimtec,you will see you found the right place to go.
 I will purchase 50 rolls on Dec for the upcoming Christmas festival at a great demand.