Impressive shopping experience.
POSTED:2022-08-17 09:57
Categories:LED Lighting LED Power supply
I m a reseller for led products. Bought 100 units of power supplies from optimtec last month,and they worked very well told by my customers. I think time is necessary standard for testing products, and its true on these superb led drivers,high quality without issues.
There are several things about my orders needed to be noted:
First is products quality like I said above several lines. They are true high quality drivers, work great so far,no complaint received until now. And the voltage stays constant even when heavy appliances, like a toaster are turned on. No flickering.Really good. I recommend these power supplies. Great compact size, and decent construction.
Second is price. I have been searching many stores or websites on google before purchasing,and its really good price I think on optimtec comparing to other webs especially in US local,ridiculous high. Meanwhile, because of the mass amount quantities I purchased, they gave me a wholesale price and put me in the business group,meaning I have enjoyed much more preferred benefits and it will do on my subsequent orders. This is quite good for me.
Third is delivery. I think they may take long time for me to get, coming a long way from China anyway, but it did take 3 days only. SO FAST! This really shortens my turnover of funds,the shorter time I get ,the sooner I sell.
Last is the customer service. The whole transaction process and communications with their customer service agent was very smooth. The guy is very professional and enthusiastic, answered a lot of different kinds of questions and I like talking with him. I have some using issues delivered by my customers and I can not deal them well, so I went to optimtec last week. They helped me a lot and solved every problem,patiently and professionally. Its really impressive to cooperate with them.
I will order more in the future.