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POSTED:2022-08-17 10:13
Categories:Large Format Laminators
Name: Sign-one Company
Country: The United States
Purchase Date: 2017.11.14
Mike and me met Jason at an important equipment exhibition show in Las Vegas and knew about optim-tec that time.
 At that time, we just needed 2 cold laminating laminators. Jason recommended one model laminator, which is this 60 inch large-format cold laminating machine we bought last. It is pneumatic drive, replacing the previous foot pedal operation mode, easy to handle. Laminating effect is also great, no wrinkles, no bubbles, very smooth on it with a short preheating time.Because of fast laminating speed, up to 12 meters per minute, saves us much time and energy, which is very important for our such start-ups.
Buying from their company, the price is very affordable, much cheaper comparing with others on that exhibition, high quality of course, 5 months so far, no sign of damage or not working appeared.
Lastly, we picked them up by ourselves, zero shipping cost as they have a warehouse in CA, close to us, really giant and tidy.
Whats important, the customer service is very professional and helpful, when we encountered some using problems, they solve our problems quickly and precisely. We are satisfied, very.
 In the later period, our company will expand and plan to work with them further. At that time, we will buy some materials and some materials.
We highly recommend this company!