AC220V Red LED Neon Rope Light SMD2835 120 LEDS 8mmx17mm Neon Flex

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This high voltage new type led neon rope light is perfect to replace the traditional glass neon lights, flexible and high elastic which can be shaped, formed and bent to any angle as you want.

Flex Neon light is great for both indoor and outdoor, home & commercial using such as Room,Home ,Store ,Bar, Club,Sign Board,Restaurant Supermarket Bridge Lighting and they are also widely used for multipurpose decorative Lighting such as Christmas, Party, Wedding, holiday and festival decoration.

If you are looking for the all-purpose tool to your lighting solution, then Flex neon light is your best choice.


Type: High Voltage Soft LED neon lights

Input voltage: AC220V

Side: Single Side Lighting

Color: red

Rope size: 8mmx17mm

LED type: SMD2835

LED lamp beads quantity: 120leds/m SMD 2835

Power Consumption: 8.6W / Unit (1m)

Lamp spaced:1.25cm

Working temperature: 20 ~ 60

Longevity: 100000 hours

Minimum bending radius: 4cm

MAX CONNECTABLE LENGTH: 45m per lead wire

The Shell: milky white color in normally

Waterproof: waterproof IP67

High flexibility, easily DIY into various shapes

Cuttable Length: Every 50cm/100cm (approximately 20/40 inches)(At scissors Marked)


Light even and continuous glow effect, color is rich

High brightness LED cold light source

Not dilapidation easily and broken and maintenance costs low

Waterproof performance is strong, suitable for outdoor installation

Energy conservation and environmental protection, green products

Warranty period: 2 years durable

High efficiency and energy saving, low power consumption, low fever, safety saving electricity (save more than 90% than glass neon lights)

high flexible easy to bend, convenient installation modeling, impact resistance


50ft (15m) Package includes:

1 x 220V SMD2835  120led/m LED Neon Light

1 x end cap

1 x power cord

1 x 2-pin connector

30m Package includes:

1 roll SMD2835 120led/m LED Neon Light

2 x end cap

2 x power cord

2 x 2-pin connector

45m Package includes:

1 x  SMD2835 120led/m LED Neon Light 

4 x end cap

4 x power cord

4 x 2-pin connector

100m Package includes (You can't connect all 100m at once. You will need to cut it into the length you need. One plug can only handle up to 45m):

1 x 220V SMD2835 120led/m LED Neon Light 

8 x end cap

8 x power cord

8 x 2-pin connector

Shipping time:

3-5 business days delivery time

shipping by FedEx or DHL

If you need accessories such as connectors,pins and holders for neon rope installation,please check this link.


pins and end caps

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Neon Rope Light Voltage 220V
Color Red
Cuttable Length 100cm
Neon Rope Length N/A
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