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12in - 96in Acrylic Plastic Strip Heater for Bending Light Box PVC Plexiglass

$ 129.00-$ 549.00


12in - 96in Acrylic Plastic Strip Heater for Bending Light Box PVC Plexiglass

Your DIY  Advertising Decoration Tools !
Processing Material: Acrylic, Plastic, PVC, Plexiglass.

Used for: 

This acrylic bending machine heater can be widely used in decoration engineering, sign making, display cabinet, aquarium wrapping,
lighting LED channel letter, bending the supermarket shelves, curtain wall, large light box, acrylic plates and plastic plates.

Reasonable design, small size, compact structure and beautiful appearance;

Heat even and temperature adjustable;

With circulating cooling water system on both sides of heating pipe;

power supply joint and water pipe joint are at the same end;

The body is made of special aluminum extrusions.

• Portable, small occupation, low consumption and reliable operation;

• Free plugging and unplugging, easy to storage and assembles to worktable very conveniently;

• Straight appearance, the effective heating length is 1800mm (71").

SU Serious
Maximum Bending Width
310mm-2440 mm
Power Supply
AC 110V-240V, 60Hz 
Heating Slot Width
Heating Thickness
1mm - 6mm (0.04" – 0.24")
Heater Size
1.8" x 1.8" x 79"(45 x 45 x 2006mm)
Heater packing size
4.9'' x 4.9'' x 85.4 "(125 x 125 x 2170mm)
Box packing Size
13.8'' x 7.9'' x 7.1''(350 x 200 x 180mm)
Gross Weight
Packing list:
Bending Machine Heater
1 pc
Water pump
1 pc
Silicone hose
2 pcs
Temperature controller
1 pc
Manual Acrylic Letter Bending Machine Heater details
Acrylic Letter Bending Machine Heater
Temperature tips:

• The temperature at the central of heating tube is the highest, which can be up to 500°, and greater the distance from the central the lower the temperature.
• Actually, the appropriate temperature for bending acrylic is about 240°.
• The heater can work 24 hours a day on the circumstance that the water temperature is not high.

Packing list:
Bending Machine Heater
1 pc 
 Water pump
1 pc 
Silicone hose 
 2 pcs
Temperature controller 
1 pc 

 Acrylic bending machine is widely used in decorative engineering, sign making, package square, doors and windows, display cabinets, fish tank side, supermarket shelves, curtain walls, large light boxes and other acrylic panels or plastic plate bending. At present, the market common bending machine, mostly a lot of function, large volume, and bending processing often need to work in the construction site according to the actual shape of the scene processing, moving a large bending machine to the construction site and really trouble, so we need a Section can easily carry, easy to operate the machine. But also to buy a box of acrylic bending machine but do not want to take up too much area of the store users to solve the problem.

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