A3 Size Hard Cover Case Maker Desktop Hardback Photo Album Menus Making Machine

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Pro A3 Size Hard Cover Case Maker Portable Hardback Hardbound Making Machine
Suitable for making hard cover books, CD and DVD boxes, ring binders, photo albums, restaurant menus…
In a short time, you can produce high-quality books in a wide variety of formats.
Cover, cardboard of the cover and cardboard of spine are located accurately; the thickness of cardboard can be 0.6-6 mm.

ModelHard Cover Case Maker Portable Hardback Hardbound Making Machine
Voltage220V/110V(voltage changes according to country)
Max Cover size1090x510mm(42''x20'')
The thickness of board0.6~6mm
Refraction And reflection mechanismYes
The function of negative pressure AbsorptionYes
Corner cutterYes
Edge folderYes
Temperature Range0-250 degree Celsius
Dimension W×D×H1110x700x230mm
Net Weight48.50kg
Packing Weight75kg
PackgeWooden Case
The machine takes use of the principle of reflection and refraction of light to position the cover at the central area, so one can see the position of the book spine clearly. The positioning speed and precision is greatly improved.There is also assistant sucking device under pressure to make the cover flat and not move, so there will be no air bubbles. The cover, cardboard and central spine board can be adjusted and positioned accurately. The adaptble thickness of cardboard is 0.5-6 mm

Printing and binding professionals know that the secret to satisfied, repeat customers is the quality of the finished product. Customers are demanding more personalization to set their company collateral apart from the competition. Company image is everything.
Imagine, being able to created a fully decorated hard cover on-demand in minutes! You are only limited by your imagination. Print photos, logos, artwork or text. Let your customers be in control of their image versus being limited by technology.
Steps to creating a custom hard cover (case book):
Step 1: Insert your chipboard or card stock in the rotating arm of the DW-100H and turn on the table light.
Step 2: Print your image on super-size tacking sheet (inkjet printable back Adhesive plastic sheet) which can be bought from local Sign supplies store). You can optionally laminate the sheet using an 8 micron laminate for protection. Peel off the pressure sensitive backing and lay the sheet face down on the DW-100H table.
Step 3: Rotate the DW-100H arm, which lowers the card stock onto the tacking sheet in the precise position. Trim the corners at 45 degrees and fold over the four edges.
Step 4: Run the cover through the laminator to cold pressure press out any paper bubbles or wrinkles. Your hard cover is now ready for binding!
Step 5: Place a hard cover fly-sheet on each side of your book block. Bind the book on a binding machine and then peel out the backing from the fly sheets. The inside chipboard is now covered. If you wish, you can pre-print on the inside of the cover fly-sheets to give your book that extra professional touch.
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