RuiDa Off Line Laser System RDC6585G For CO2 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

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Product Description

Off line laser cutting system rdc6585g

The RDC6585G system is a new generation of laser engraving / cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology. The control system has better hardware stability and better anti-high voltage and anti-static interference characteristics. The man-machine operating system based on the 5-inch color screen has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. The controller includes mo

Function description:
1. Support single belt type / multi-belt type 2/4/6 head electric mutual shift control;

2. Support up to 8 motor outputs, 6 digital / analog laser outputs independently adjustable from each other;

3. Support up to 2 extended serial ports, can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), laser power supply and other devices with RS232 standard interface

4. Support up to 10 OC gate (500mA current) output, can directly drive 5V / 24 relay, the controller has built-in 2 layer linkage output, buzzer + three-color lamp control output;

5. Support mobile APP;

6. Supports simultaneous cutting of ordinary cutting and rotary cutting, without external switching circuit, rotary cutting is at the C-axis motor interface (except 6-head mutual movement control);

7. Support auto focus, the focus axis is at the D axis motor interface (except 6-head mutual movement control);

8. It is convenient to customize some additional auxiliary motion control.

Technical Parameters:
1. The 8-channel motor interface outputs a maximum frequency of 400KHZ; the driving capacity is 20mA;
2. The 6-channel laser interface outputs a maximum frequency of 200KHZ, the duty ratio is adjustable from 1% to 99%; the driving capacity is 50mA;
3. Onboard 256M non-easy-release memory;
4. The maximum USB transfer rate is 12M and the longest distance is 5 meters;
5. The maximum transmission rate of the network cable is 100M, and the maximum transmission distance is 200M;
6. Linear / circular / B-spline interpolation accuracy +/- 0.5 pulse
7. 10-channel general photoelectric isolation OC gate output, maximum 500mA drive capability (with freewheel protection);
8. 8 general-purpose photoelectric isolation inputs, compatible with 5V / 12V / 24V logic level


Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

Answer: Usually 1 PCS, you can mix it with other laser machine parts freely.

Q: Why choose your company?

Answer: We are a professional supplier of laser machines and laser machine parts. We are more familiar with customers' marking or engraving applications, so we can recommend more suitable models for customers.

Q: What is the delivery time?

Answer: We have stock. We will ship the goods as soon as we receive the payment.

Q: Can special products be customized?

Answer: We can customize some products according to custom sizes.

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