TF-6225 Fiber Laser Controller For Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

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TF6225 integrates a height controller, based on fiber laser control, and also has medium and small power CO2 laser tube control. It can connect multiple different types of lasers at the same time, so that one machine can cut metal and non-metal materials.


·4.3-inch LCD screen (TF6225):

·Using a new 32-bit high-speed DSP to make the system run faster and more stable

·Product is easy to operate, saving time after training

·Support U disk off line file preview function. real-time display of laser head movement track

·Device parameters can be set completely away from the PC:

·All optocouplers isolate external electromagnetic interference. and the system works stably and reliably

·Support multi-language

·Support USB 2.0 high-speed interface, U disk read and write files are more stable, can identify various brands of U disk;

·Support network communication and USB communication, the transmission speed is faster and more stable

·One key to switch the way of manually moving the axis;

·A variety of humanized positioning modes and return modes which are convenient for customers with different habits to operate the machine

·One-key continuous cutting, convenient to continue cutting after the processing file is interrupted in any way

·When adjusting the cutting effect. there are few setting parameters. and the user is easy to hold

·Support a variety of different power control methods: PWM(5V/24V) 0-10V analog quantity, etc. (TF6225) 

·Can connect multiple different lasers at the same time(TF6225)

·One-key calibration. Support leapfrog lifting, follow height can be set. accuracy is 0.1mm (TF6225)

Product parameter:


Power:DC24V 3A

Input:6 Roads

Output:9 Roads

Control axis:X Y Z U V W

Control head:2 heads

Support Laser:CO2 laser tube, RF tube, fiber laser

Control Laser energy:0-100% 0.1% Continuously adjustable

Support graphics format:G-code,AI,SVG,PDF,DXF,PLT,DST,DSB,UD5,BMP,JIF,JPG,PNG etc

Support software:LaserCAD, lightburn (Plugin suppot CORELDRAW,AUTOCAD,Adobe Illustrator)

Support system:Windows (Window XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10) operating system

Packing List:

TF-6225 Package List



(1) Mainboard


The wiring board of TF-6225

(2) Fornt-panel


The front-panel of TF-6225

(3) 8PIN(1mm)


Patch cord with USB and network port

(4) CN1 cable(1.6m)


Connect the main board and panel by CN1 port

(5) USD cable(3m)


Connect computer and panel by USB

(6) Network cable(5m)


Connect computer and panel by network

(7) CN2 cable(1.6m)


Connect the main board and panel by CN2 port

(8) 15cm Copper

Cable (0.15m)


Connect amplifier

(9)Amplifier Cable(10m)


Connect amplifier and main board




Fiber laser cutting, metal/nonmetallic materials cutting and multi-metal materials in various thickness.

Application: Metal cutting, auto parts, gifts, advertising and kitchenware.

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