Wireless A4 Book Binding Machine Hot Melt Glue Book Paper Binder Puncher

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Product details:
Model: DC-30+
Type: desktop perrfect binding machine.
Speed: 180 books/hour
Display mode: LCD display
Digital temperature control: Yes
Milling cutter:yes
Preheating time: 10 mins
Max binding size: 320x 280mm (12.6''x 11'')
Max binding thickness: two pages-40mm
Max cover thickness:50-400g
Heating time: 15min (depends on ambient temperature)
Power: 500W
Dimension: 650x350x500mm
Machine net weight: 36kg

Packing list:
1. 1 x Binding machine
2. 1 x Power cord    
3. 1 x Adhesive can cap
4. 1 x Gliding handle of the adhesive can
5. 1 x Service manual  
6. 1 x Adhesive bag
8. 2 x Fuse
9. 2 x Inner hexagon spanner 

Operating Instructions 
1. Temperature-controlling instrument: the temperature is arranged at 338 ℉ at the time of exfactory (using the hot melt glue provided by our company); If hot melt glue of other style is adopted, the temperature can be adjusted according to its melting point. 2. Operations of milling cutter: push the cutter to-and-fro, when the book spine is well milled, brush the adhesive. 3. Hardcover hot groove-pressing device put the hard cover in the paper pressing clamp tightly and press the right handle down to tighten the hard cover for 5-10 seconds. Attention: there is electricity-powered constant temperature device (50℃) on the hardcover hot groove-pressing board; therefore, it should be avoided from destruction or touched by hands. The small switch at the right side can control whether the hardcover hot groove-pressing board is connected with electricity, so that the user can choose hot-pressing or cold-pressing.

Please lay the machine on a steady working platform, avoiding wet
place. Proper space around should be ensured for convenient operation
The can cap, and the gliding handle should be installed.
Preparations before installation:
1. Please connect to suitable power, and check the amount of the left
adhesive. Adhesive granule should be added in time. The heights of
the adhesive not overrun the pointer inside the adhesive can.
2. After connect the power, turn on the switch. And the adhesive can is
heated. The hot-melt time is 15-20 min.

Do not push the adhesive can when it is cold or the
hot-melt time is not sufficient, or else it can be
Keep the surroundings of the machine clean
avoiding the impurity getting into the adhesive can and
causing damage
Avoid touching the adhesive roller with the hard
material which can damage it.
Please turn off the switch and cut off the power when
the machine is not used.
3. Please check whether the cover pressing board suits the cover of the
documents to be made.
4. Put the right handle at position N

1. Please ensure no impurity get into the adhesive can, such as waste
paper, wood dust, steel pin, etc, or the can can be jammed.
2. The folding line should be well folded to ensure the rectangular
shape of the spine. To buy a creasing machine is recommended.
3. The quantity of added adhesive should not overrun the position
pointed by the arrow in the can, or the adhesive will overflow.
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